New Website!

Welcome to the new site.


The old website had served us well but we’ve updated to a more mobile device friendly site. If there’s any useful information you think is missing, please us our contact form.

Kindly, Paul.

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  1. There’s no doubt about it,transporting your pride and joy( boat, not wife),is a worrying time! However,using chill- out-solutions ,there is no need to panic.Paul does a fantastic job,arrived exactly when he said he would to pick up boat from Wroxham,organised everything,made sure boat was sat perfectly and strapped down before letting hoist move away,and taking a great deal of care once on the road. He arrived at Shepperton Marina only 20 minutes after us in our car,and the boat was in the water 30 minutes later,not a scratch on it!Paul is really dedicated,and we will use him in the future,without a doubt .We have also made a new friend, Geoff and Jean .

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